Saint George


Understanding our Faith:
Sacraments, Prayer and Fasting


We will cover the spiritual dimensions of the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion and Confession, including aids in preparing for Confession. We will also discuss the essential role of daily prayer and the practice of the Jesus Prayer. Since we will be entering into a period of strict fasting, we will also review the purpose and origin of fasting in our Church. Join us to engage in a discussion to deepen our faith and support us on our path to union with God.


   Feb 7 - Baptism
   Feb 14 - No class
   Feb 21 - Asceticism & Fasting
   Feb 28 - Repentance & Confession
   March 6 - Prayer
   March 13 - Divine Liturgy I
   March 20 - Divine Liturgy II
   March 27 - Divine Liturgy III
   April 3 - Putting it all together - Ten Points of Orthodox Way of Life



  Slides - pdf

  Audio - mp3



  Service of Baptism - pdf


Asceticism & Fasting



  Why Don't You Fast?

  More on Fasting



Repentance & Confession


  Preparing for Confession
  If We Confess Our Sins - Booklet
  From The Pilgrin Continues His Way
  Self-Evluation: Ten Commandments - with questions


Suggested Reading:
  Return: Repentance and Confession - Return to God and to His Church
   by Archimandrite Nextarios Antonopoulos
  Forgotten Medicine: The Mystery of Repentance

   by Archimandrite Seraphim Aleksiev





  Beginning Prayer Rule
  Jesus Prayer Brochure

Further Reading
  Exlpore our website


Divine Liturgy -

1: Introduction and the Proskomede





2: Liturgy of the Catechumens



3. Liturgy of the Faithful - Part 1


References for Further Study

   On the Divine Liturgy, Vol 1 & 2 by Augustinos Kantiotes Bishop of Florina

   The Divine Liturgy:A commentary in the Light of the Fathers by Hieromonk Gregorios

   The Heavenly Banquet: Understanding the Divine Liturgy by R. Emmanuel Hatzidakis

   The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom by Fr. George L. Papadeas