Intercessions for the Living and the Dead

O Lord Jesus Christ our God, Who for the sake of Your eternal mercy and lovingkindness became man, and suffered crucifixion and death for the salvation of all; Who rose from the dead and ascended into heaven, and sit on the right hand of the Father, where You hear the prayers of all who call upon You humbly and with their whole heart: incline Your ear to us, and hearken to the prayer which Your unworthy servants offer as a spiritual sacrifice for all Your people.
Remember first of all Your Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which You have purchased with Your precious blood. Strengthen it, multiply it, keep it in peace, and do not allow the gates of hell to stand against it. Heal the schisms of the churches, stop the raging of the heathen, root out and cleanse all heresies, destroying them by the power of Your Holy Spirit.
Have mercy, O Lord, upon our president, and all in civil authority, and save them, together with the armed forces of our country. Give them peace and continual victory over injustice and evil in all places. May they keep Your holy Church secure, that all Your people may live calm and ordered lives in Your sight, in true faith and prayer, with godly deeds.
Have mercy, O Lord, upon the whole order of Your Church's clergy. Save them whom You have established to feed Your flock, and by their prayers have mercy on us sinners, and save us.
Have mercy, O Lord, on our spiritual fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, and save them, and by their holy prayers forgive us our transgressions.
Have mercy, O Lord, on our parents, and save them together with our brothers and sisters, our children,our relatives and our friends. Grant them Your blessing both here and in the life to come.
Have mercy, O Lord, on the old and the young, the needy, the orphans and widows, and all who are in sickness and sorrow, distress and affliction, oppression and captivity, in prison and confinement. Save them, together with Your servants who are under persecution for Your sake and for the sake of the Christian faith. Remember them, visit them, strengthen and comfort them, and by Your power grant them speedy relief, freedom and deliverance.
Have mercy, O Lord, on all who travel, and save all those who are sent on duty: our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, all our loved ones and all Christians
Have mercy, O Lord, on our enemies: save all those who envy us, wish us evil or deal unjustly with us. May they not perish because of us sinners.
Enlighten, O Lord, with the truth of Your holy wisdom all who have gone astray from from the Christian faith, led by destructive heresies, and unite them once more to your Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.


Remember, O Lord, those who have departed this life: all who served You in the priesthood and ministry of the Church and in the monastic order, and grant them rest with Your saints in Your eternal kingdom.
Remember, O Lord, the souls of Your servants now fallen asleep: our parents, family and friends. Forgive them all their sins, committed knowingly or unknowingly; grant them Your kingdom, a portion in Your eternal blessing and the enjoyment of Your unending life.
Remember, O Lord, all who have fallen asleep in the hope of the resurrection and of eternal life: our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and children, all our loved ones, and Christians throughout the world. Place them with Your saints before the light of Your countenance and have mercy on us, for You are good and love mankind.

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